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 Bluehost Providing 05 kinds of hosting category for a website if you want to start a blog or portfolio site then can be starting $2.5 monthly for three years plan and renewal at $7.99 cost. Ecommerce, online store or others online business monthly cost $19.95 and renews at $24.95 monthly for unlimited traffic serve

For  managing the WordPress everything as cost $19.95-$29.99 to single month But we are not recommend it, To hosting the wordpress site you can use shared or Starting with VPS server for more advantages

During the start of  bluehost hosting they provide extra advantage such as : Free domain name, free CDN, Free SSL Certificate, Domain Manager, List your Local Business in Google and given 100$ Google add credit opportunity when spend 25$ for US and Canada people

Overview of bluehost website design cost

Shared plan Monthly Renews
12 month plan $5.95 $9.99
24 month plan $3.95 $9.49
36 month plan $2.95 $8.99
Managed wordpress
Build managed
$19.95 $29.99
Grow managed
$29.95 39.99
Scale managed
$49.95 $59.00
Online store
12 Month plan $19.95 $24.95
36 month plan $15.95 $24.95
VPS hosting
Standard $18.99 $29.99
Enhanced $29.99 $59.99
Ultimate $59.99 $119.99
Standard $79.99 $119.99
Enhanced $99.99 $159.99
Premium $119.99 $209.99


Whatever renews cost is a bit much as this shared hosting plan $9.49 for 2 years plan and $8.99 for three years

I didn’t know that what is hosting plan you expect to your website and bluehost website cost fully depends on your website Type, performance and control “Which your online business aim”? 


1. Shared hosting (most popular)

Shared hosting is most popular hosting plan for blog, portfolio or others economical online website and any one can be easily handle this without previous knowledge You can use here application : wordpress, joomla, durpal and custom code


Basic sheared plan for single website

  • $5.95 (mo) for 1 years plan (renews $9.99 monthly)
  • $3.95 (mo) for 2 years plan (renews $9.49 monthly)
  • $2.95(mo) for 3 years plan (renews $8.99 monthly)


Plus shared plan for multiple website

  • $7.45 (mo) for 1 years plan (renews $13.99 monthly)
  • $6.95 (mo)  for 2 years plan (renews $12.99 monthly)
  • $5.45 (mo) for 3 years plan (renews $11.99 monthly)


 2. Managed WordPress hosting

Managing wordprss everything Such as : keyword recharge tools, Content improvement suggestion tools, thousands of theme, Social media Auto share tools and ensure load faster instead to traditional hosting service

unlimited website, unlimited domains, unlimited web storage, unlimited web traffic included with all Managed WordPress hosting plan,


Build Managed WordPress included with wordpress basics : $19.95 monthly plan (renews $29.99 monthly)


Grow Managed WordPress Jetpack premium included and extra wordpress tools : $29.95 monthly (renews $39.99 month)


Scale Managed WordPress  Advance Tools and features For running Ecommerce WordPress website : $49.95 Monthly (renews $59.99 month)


  1. Online store

Selling your product in online word large area, it is quick solution to decorate your Ecommerce product by Powerful WooCommerce tools

Online store setup, unlimited product listing, wooCommerce installed, jetpack installed, Customer product reviews, traffic Analytics, unlimited support, payment processing and discount codes included with an online store package

Standard online store

  • $29.95 single month (renews same price)
  • $19.95 (mo) for 1 years (renews $24.95 month)
  • $15.95 (mo) for 3 years (renews $24.95 month)

Premium online store

 You can find extra features such as :  manual order creation, Subscription, product customization, Tax management and has more advance features

  • $49.95  Single month (renews at same)
  • $32.95 (mo) for 1 years (renews $39.95 month)
  • $24.95 (mo) for 3 years (renews $39.95 month)


NB : 36 Months plan
  1. VPS hosting

Here is RAM, CPU and Disk is your owns virtual  private server and other user cannot access your server resource that means ensure your website performance and Uptime, loading isn’t lose any time. Dedicated and VPS hosting Almost are same but VPS pricing is a  reduce than dedicated hosting

Standard VPS

30    GB SSD Storage, 2 Cores and 2 GB RAM : $18.99 monthly (renews $29.99 month)

 Enhanced VPS

60 GB SSD Storage, 2 Cores and 4 GB RAM : $29.99 monthly (renews $59.99 month)


Ultimate VPS

120 GB SSD Storage, 4 Cores and 8 GB RAM : $59.99 monthly (renews $119.99 month)


 5. Dedicated hosting

Most powerful hosting server to ensure ultimate performance, security and controlling system,

Allocated resource customer can be quick access your website with speedy performance and completely isolated form others hosting server resource


Standers Dedicated

500 GB Storage, 4 Cores, 4 GB RAM and 3 IP Address : $79.99 monthly (renews $119.99 month) 


Enhanced Dedicated

1 TB Storage, 4 Cores, 4 GB RAM and 4 IP Address : $99.99 monthly (renews $159.99 month)


Premium Dedicated

1 TB Storage, 4 Cores, 16 GB RAM and 5 IP Address : $199.99 monthly (renews $209.99 month)



VPS, Shared, Managed wordpress are popular Category to online marketing if you want to bogging then you can keep shared hosting otherwise VPS server as this ensure more stable speed, loading time as possible $19-$30/mo

Before, if you use bluehost then you can share What is Plan more Advantages to your online business 

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